COG relies on a talented team of researchers and editors to produce its content. Every year, we take applications for paid authors. This year, we're also in search of new lead editors to manage the whole production process, from initial brainstorming to final quality control. We've had some incredible people for the last seven years, but the old guard is moving on, and they're no longer able to give the time COG deserves to be the best it can be.

We're looking for two types of people:


This is a paid position based on total sales, which usually work out a couple of dollars per card.

To apply, email with:

  • Your name.
  • 2-3 briefs of sample research.
  • Which edition you want to work on (Stoa, NCFCA, or both), and whether this is a preference or a requirement.
  • A ballpark estimate of how much work you think you could do over the summer – i.e., a few briefs, a whole lot of briefs, etc. (Be realistic; highballing your estimate doesn't make you more likely to get accepted, it just messes up our planning.)
  • Whether you'll be using Factsmith (not at all required, but makes our lives easier!)

Applications for authors will be open through the end of May.

We're especially looking for quality of sources, analytical depth of content, and an ability to see themes running through the literature and how they can combine to make an argument. We look for truly clever researchers – people who really think about their arguments, rather than just finding a good article and cutting all the cards they can from it. (Although, if you're just preternaturally good at finding good articles, we could use that too!)

Researchers will be expected to follow formatting and citation requirements and maintain quality standards for sources.

Lead Editor

We're looking for some new leadership! This is a paid role that requires some commitment, but flexible timing and hours; essentially, you'll be in charge of helping mastermind the volume, keeping the editorial team on track, enforcing quality control, and performing miscellaneous other administrative functions and gap-filling to get a complete volume out on time.

The COG production cycle runs approximately June through September. (Note that lead editors must be able to continue to commit some time after the school year starts to finish editing submissions and fill gaps as needed to complete the volume.) COG editors are paid as a percentage of total sales, which usually works out to a couple of dollars per card for research; admininstrative work is compensated at an equivalent rate.

We're looking for reliable, creative applicants with an eye for detail and a strong sense of what "good evidence" looks like. Experience running a research group is a major plus. Lead Editors will need to use Factsmith, so they will need access to a Windows computer; prior experience with Factsmith is a plus, but not necessarily required.

To apply, email with a few sample briefs and a concise (2-3 paragraph) description of the skills and experiences that make you a good fit for this position. Applications for lead editors will be open until the end of April; we'll complete the selection and interview process in early May.

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