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NCFCA Edition

40 briefs, 539 pages



China is Not a Legitimate Government

Christian Myopia


Priority – Moral Foreign Policy

Priority – Practical Foreign Policy


Asia Pivot Disadvantage

Asia Pivot Disadvantage – Response

Trade War Disadvantage

Trade War – Response

WTO Violations Solvency & Disadvantage

WTO Violations Solvency & Disadvantages – Response


Agricultural Trade – Pro

Agricultural Trade – Con

China – Economic Partner

China – Economic Threat

Chinese Economy – Strong

Chinese Economy – Weak

Chinese Military – Strong and a Threat

Chinese Military – Weak, not a Threat

Coercion – Pro

Coercion – Con

Currency Manipulation–- A Problem

Currency Manipulation – Not a Problem

Cyberwarfare – A Problem

Cyberwarfare – Not a Problem

Human Rights in China – A Problem

Human Rights in China – Not Our Problem

Offshoring – A Problem

Offshoring – Not a Problem

Piracy & Intellectual Property – A Problem

Piracy & Intellectual Property – Not a Problem

Sanctions – Pro

Sanctions – Con

South China Sea – A Problem

South China Sea – Not a Problem

Taiwan Independence – Support

Taiwan Independence – Oppose

Territory Disputes – A Problem

Territory Disputes – Not a Problem

Trade with China – Pro

Trade with China – Con


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