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Past Sample Briefs

Gridlock – Not A Problem
COG 2013 – NCFCA (Election Law)
Regulatory Capture
COG 2013 – Stoa (Marine Natural Resources)
Humanitarian Intervention – Bad
COG 2012 – NCFCA (United Nations)
Terrorism – Not A Problem
COG 2012 – Stoa (Foreign Military Presence)
Backlog Disadvantage
COG 2011 – NCFCA (Criminal Justice)
Progressive Taxes – Good
COG 2011 – Stoa (Revenue Generation Policy)
Rogue Nation Relations Disadvantage
COG 2010 – NCFCA (Russia)
Topicality Press – Russia Must Exist
COG 2010 – NCFCA (Russia)

Other Resources

Factsmith – a powerful free research software package that can significantly improve your research efficiency. Features a powerful database design, automatic formatting, online collaboration, and more.

Timesmith – a free smartphone app for timing debate rounds. Supports numerous round formats.

ScreenOCR – a free tool that lets you copy images on your screen as text. Allows you to easily copy text from Google Books, locked PDFs, and other hard-to-quote documents. (Factsmith includes this feature natively.) – a long-lasting fixture of the debate community, HSD is the premier forum for discussing NCFCA/Stoa speech and debate, trading evidence, and more. Also hosts a resource wiki.

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