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Just so that it's been said, this is one amazing sourcebook! It was rare for Kevin and I not to use this sourcebook, and we never regretted using it in a round. There were so many times that Kevin and I either didn't have a brief or needed evidence for a point that wasn't covered in our briefs, and we would just pull out a COG brief. If you can only buy one sourcebook, get this one!
— Amber Sivils (finalist at the 2010 Houston National Open)

COG is a unique sourcebook for NCFCA and Stoa team policy debate. It offers a huge variety of high-quality, ready-to-read evidence from expert researchers to make preparation a breeze. In 2010, debaters from around the country ranked COG as statistically tied for Best Sourcebook of the Year.

We've all had those rounds against a completely new case where we have no idea what to say. That's why COG is the first and only NCFCA/Stoa sourcebook to consist entirely of generic briefs. We all know that cases evolve and diversify over the course of the season; case-specific briefs you get at the beginning of the season will likely be outdated by the end of it. Generic briefs, on the other hand, give you arguments that work against whole categories of cases, regardless of the details.

Power: True Generics

Most sourcebooks give you briefs against specific cases. That's like getting a box of specialized poisons in little vials – great, but only if you hit the specific plans they're designed to work against. COG hands you a general-purpose shotgun and says "yeah, if you need help, just use this."

These aren't like the "generics" you'll find advertised elsewhere. COG's briefs are carefully engineered to work against whole categories of cases – like anything that creates new regulations, or tries to counter Chinese interests. It's literally "evidence against almost everything." With a good arsenal of generics, you'll never be speechless.

Quality: Solid and Authoritative

We use only the highest-quality, most credible evidence. In fact, our source quality beats most other sourcebooks hands down, and we have the data to prove it. In 2010, nearly three quarters of our evidence came from academic sources like professors and peer-reviewed studies – more than any other sourcebook.

Each brief goes through multiple editors to ensure that everything is complete, compact, and precise. To see the results, check out some of our freebies!

Simplicity: Make it Easy

Generics don't have to be hard to use. In COG, organization is simple and arguments are well-explained. All briefs are fully cross-referenced, so you never have to go hunting for the table of contents. There's even a comprehensive "case hitsheet" to help you find arguments against unfamiliar cases on the fly.

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